PhD in Science

The doctoral degree program in Pharmaceutics trains research scholars in the fundamental aspects of drug disposition and drug action. Drug disposition pertains to the facets of drug absorption, distribution, and elimination. Areas of emphasis include: drug delivery processes for enhancing the absorption of a drug and targeting it to the site of action in order to improve therapeutic effect, drug metabolism. This program will be capable of investigating the causes of inadequate exposure to a drug at the target site.

The Phd school aims to train Phd candidates with all the required scientific skills plus complementary competencies at the highest level. Phd in Science is for people with related degree in their post graduation and for those with analytical and logical bent of mind.

Various fields that SunRise university offers are:Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology. Those of you have keen interest , wish to learn more about these disciplines or are fascinated by the field with prior exposure and required marks are encouraged to join in.

Science is the area of study where students:

  • Learn about the biological, chemical, physical and technological world
  • Plan and conduct investigations to test out scientific ideas and explanations
  • Learn that the scientific understanding of the world is constantly changing due to continuing research and new technology
  • Understand that scientific knowledge has been developed over time by scientists from cultures all around the world

The Phd Program in Science Education offers a rigorous program of graduate study emphasizing core knowledge from the traditional field of Science Education as well as the emerging fields of Discipline-Based Educational Research (DBER) and the Learning Sciences. The program welcomes candidates with strong science backgrounds seeking to pursue careers as: college science educators, museum educators, or directors of science teacher education programs; university and industry research, policy, or assessment specialists; directors or supervisors with enhanced understanding of science education theory and practice.

Students are exposed to excellent role models in the scientists they research and they learn from them how to be discoverers themselves. They perceive that science is explorative, innovative, and creative. Students also learn the important life lessons of dealing with the ambiguities and frustrations of stepping out into uncharted territory. They learn from famous examples like Faraday or Curie to respond to the questions of what to do when they do not have access to an answer key or an expert resource to consult. In addition, students are frequently truly inspired to life-long scientific curiosity by the models they meet in their research.

The Phd school of SCIENCE organises training and education of researchers within all areas of science, with a view to ensure the highest scientific level among the next generations of researchers. The Phd school aims to train Phd candidates with all the required scientific skills plus complementary competencies at the highest level.

The Phd programme at SCIENCE lasts three years and includes an independent research project, stays at other/international research institution(s), Phd level courses, teaching and other types of knowledge dissemination. The Phd is concluded by writing and defending a Phd thesis.The degree of Doctor of Science is one of the Higher Doctorates. In some older universities it typically has precedence after Divinity, Laws or Civil Law, Medicine, and Letters, and above Music. The degree is conferred on a member of the university who has a proven record of internationally recognised scholarship.

Five Great Reasons for Studying Science through Researching the Lives of Great Scientists:

  1. Inspires curiosity and an attitude of discovery..
  2. Promotes the understanding that progress has been happening in scientific fields for centuries.
  3. Encourages the integration of ideas and subjects.
  4. Encourages truth-seeking..
  5. Allows students to study important scientists who asked good questions and worked towards good answers.