CAT is not that difficult as perceived

Over the years CAT has been perceived as one of the toughest exams and rightly so because all aspirants have been complaining and giving feedback that since CAT keeps on changing trends hence CAT is tough, mote so you can’t predict on CAT questions.
Yes to some extent CAT is tough but not like that you can’t win over CAT. If we have failure stories then we do have success stores also. Let’s talk and mention those success stories which will motivate you and us both alike. There are students who have been preparing for CAT for three hours per day but positively they had been doing this for couple of years. Motivational stories are also in plenty. Students who are working executives took CAT and for that matter they took public transport to reach office with the sole purpose that whatever time they get during travelling that period they rehearsed on their preparation. What a way to prepare for exam. If we dig out more, we will find to our surprise that these aspirants always have clear ideas on the fundamentals of sections of CAT.
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It has been point worthy to mention here for the benefit of CAT aspirants that even if you go through NERT books of 8th standard, you might clarify your questions on percentages, time and distances, numbers more so, on logical sequences. Why that is possible? Look these fundamental questions are the base of thinking process and you build an aptitude for that. What is QA? It is the test for your aptitude on your understanding quants. DI is test for your analytical understanding. LR is test for your understanding on logical sequences. These fundamentals are better explained in these books.
CAT can be normal exam for those only, who are clear on basics of sections and continue to practice for a longer period. Rather they have adapted CAT as a way of life. Building vocabulary and crating positive attitude towards tougher things can be easy for them. These successful breed is different than others in the context that these CAT aspirants continue to think for a solution for any sum in two ways hence, even they fail in one way,and they get success in other.
CAT can be easy only for those who have will power backed up with solid preparation under supervision of like minded students or peer group who have already taken CAT.